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Hércules de Ediciones

Hercules de Ediciones is the main of the three publishing companies and a cultural foundation that make up the Hercules Global Group. The company was born in A Coruña in 1985 with the pretension of promoting Galician culture through high quality works.

Already in the XXI century, Hercules undertakes new challenges and expands its scope of action through two editorial aspects: on one hand, the “book-object” of large format, with a graphic part and very careful editions. On the other hand, the edition of books of current issues and children’s and young adults’ literature.


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22 Feb
Presentación de “A Casa Grande” en Santiago
11:39 am
14 Feb
Presentación de “O baúl de Domingos Quintas” en Ourense
08:42 am
5 Feb
Próximas presentaciones de “Galicia Inmaterial. Galicia Máxica”
06:18 pm
11 Dec
Próxima visita de María Corbacho a varios centros escolares de Galicia
04:16 pm
11 Dec
Presentación de “Confieso que he leído” en A Coruña
12:14 pm
21 Nov
Presentación de “La Gran Obra de la Ribeira Sacra”
05:06 pm
16 Nov
Presentación de “El baúl del abuelo Quintas” en A Coruña
10:38 am
18 Oct
Exposición de Clara F. Marín en la Fundación Rodríguez Iglesias
10:06 am
20 Sep
Presentación de “A morte do meu pai” na Coruña
01:30 pm
22 Aug
Hércules estará en el Festival de La Luz, en Boimorto
10:40 am



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