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Galicia de leyenda


This volume features a selection of legends taken from traditional and popular literature in an attempt to rescue them from oblivion.

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INTRODUCTORY STUDIES AND SELECTION OF TEXTS _ Xosé Manuel González Reboredo and Manuel Vilar Alvárez
PHOTOGRAPHY _ José M. Salgado Mosquera, Anxo Rial and Archivo Hércules
The 18th century onwards saw a considerable fascination for compiling stories, songs, sayings and other examples of the region’s oral cultural tradition, which would soon be classified under the general heading of “folklore”.
Tales, spells, treasures, historical figures, saints and shrines, submerged cities and wolf-men are passed down to us in this work, magnificently illustrated with photographs, photomontage and graphics that manage to recreate the seemingly impossible; in other words, reproducing what the human eye has never actually seen.







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