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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


The acquisition of anyone of the products offered on the website www.herculesediciones.com supposes the acceptance, without reservations of any kind, of  all and each one of the present general conditions of sale. Hércules de Ediciones, S.L. can modify, at every turn and without prior warning, the present general conditions of sale, as well as the particular conditions included, by means of the publication of the modifications on the website, so that they can be known by the users, leaving written evidence of the date of such modifications.

Information supplied on the website

The prices applicable to each product are those indicated on the website on the date of the order, including all of them the VAT (Value Added Tax). Discounts will be properly marked and identified, showing the previous price and the price of the offer. Hércules de Ediciones, S.L. keeps the right to modify the commercial offer (products, prices, promotions and other commercial and service conditions) presented in www.herculesediciones.com at any moment.

In case of any misprint, for reasons beyond our control, Hércules de Ediciones, S.L. would correct it immediately. If there should be a misprint in any of the prices shown and a client had taken a decision of purchase based on such misprint, we will communicate it and the client will have the right to rescind the purchase without any additional cost.

Availability of products

Hércules de Ediciones, S.L. will use its best resources to observe the stipulated dates of delivery, which will be approximated, so that they will not affect the nature of this agreement. The availability of the products shown in our catalogue should reflect the real state of the product, although sometimes it might not be up-to-date in the moment of the purchase. However, in the event of lack of stock of any product, this will be communicated by email to the buyer as soon as possible and a new delivery date will be fixed or, if it is not possible to provide such product, the order will be cancelled.

If the merchandise is in stock, the approximate shipping time is twenty four hours. The delivery time given by the shipping carriers we work with will be added; national and international shipping carriers, and Correos, depending on the place of destination. This time will be 2 days for Spain and Portugal, 3-5 days for Europe and 15-20 days for the rest of the world.

This time is calculated on working days -from Monday to Friday- since Hércules de Ediciones, S.L. neither ship on holidays, nor Saturdays nor Sundays.

Time may vary depending on the specific circumstances of each order. Especially, the delivery date might change due to extraordinary incidents affecting the carrier and difficulties in the delivery of the merchandise.

If you do not receive the order in the fixed time, you can contact Hércules de Ediciones, S.L. by telephone or email and we will immediately claim it to the carrier. Once we have an answer, we will contact you.

Variation of the design

Although Hércules de Ediciones, S.L. will do all its best to guarantee that the product supplied matches up exactly in all aspects with the offered one in our catalogue, little variations in colour or design specifications might occur, variations that will not enable the buyer to cancel this agreement.

Placing an order

In order to place an order it is necessary to connect with www.herculesediciones.com, and be registered like user, filling in the electronic form shown on the shop at that very moment and following the instructions indicated. After the register, and to proceed to the purchase of products, the customer will have to add the product wished to be bought to the basket, according to the instructions indicated on screen, filling in the order form applied for this purpose and validating it. The prices and offers presented on the website are valid only and exclusively for online orders in www. herculesediciones.com, and may not match up with current prices and offers.

The validation of the order by the customer supposes clearly the knowledge and acceptance of these general contracting terms as a part of the signed agreement. Opposite evidence excepted, the data registered by www.herculesediciones.com constitute the proof for the series of transactions as a whole carried out between Hércules de Ediciones, S.L and customers. Hércules de Ediciones, S.L will store the electronic document where the agreement is formalized  and this will be accessible. After the payment, the Customer Attention Service of Hércules de Ediciones, S.L. will send a purchase receipt by email as soon as possible, always within the following 24 hours after the purchase.

Shipping and Delivery Charges

Shipping and Delivery Charges are automatically calculated in real time and they will be shown to the customer before finishing the purchase. This cost calculation is done according to the following factors:

  1. Place of destination: The delivery destination affects the price according to the rates marked by the logistic operators which we work with.
  2. Weight of the merchandise.

Exceptions: There will not be shipping charges for destinations in the Iberian Peninsula, both Spain and Portugal for orders over 15 euros. For destinations in Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla and areas not belonging to the European Customs Union postage and packing charges do not include import costs (duties), which will be paid in cash in destination by the receiver of the merchandise.


The payment will be made as indicated at order time and in euros.

Hércules de Ediciones, S.L. offers different methods of payment:

  • Payment by credit card: In the event of information from the POS (Point of Sale) Terminal on the refusal of the card, the order will be automatically cancelled, informing the customer online about the cancellation. Hércules de Ediciones, S.L. reserves  the right to refuse any operation carried out by credit card. In this case we will proceed to pay cash back to the original card.
  • Payment by Transfer: A bank transfer can be made to the following account: ABANCA
    • Office Address: C/ Rúa Nueva, 30.
    • City: A Coruña
    • Country: Spain
    • IBAN: ES62 2080 0000 7930 4016 5204 CAGLESMMXXX
    • Beneficiary: Hércules de Ediciones, S.L.
    • Please include the following information:
      • Order number –
      • Your name and surname.
      • The amount transferred to Hércules de Ediciones, S.L. has to be that one indicated on the order.
    • The client can make the transfer within the following 7 working days after placing the order. It will not become effective until we confirm the appropriate income and, therefore, the delivery time begins to be taken into account from that date onward.
  • Payment by check: Payment may be made by check.
    • Beneficiary: Hércules de Ediciones, S.L.
    • Address: Hércules de Ediciones, S.L.
    • Cordelería, 32. Edificio Hércules. C.P. 15003 A Coruña (Spain)
  • Payment by PayPal: After pressing on “Confirmar el pedido” (Confirm the order), the customer is sent again to Paypal website. There the customer must identify or register himself/herself. When payment is made, the customer will press on “Volver al vendedor” (Going back to the seller)
    • This method of payment will have an additional 3% charge on the purchase value, which will be shown on the abstract of the order.

Right of withdrawal

Hércules de Ediciones, S.L. guarantees the customer the possibility of cancelling the order made in www.herculesediciones.com at any moment whenever the cancellation is communicated before the merchandise has been provided at the carrier´s disposal for its delivery. In other case the customer will have to expect to receive the goods before processing the return, being the top date within 7 days from reception. This guarantee is applicable whenever the goods have neither been opened nor used and keep the original seal or packaging. The goods will be returned together with the delivery invoice and bill. Prior to the return, the customer will have to communicate it to the Customer Attention Department..