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The Collections

Proyecto Galicia


The Galicia Project is a mammoth publishing initiative which aims to include all the knowledge about Galicia in a single work. Its pages are a true reflection of the foundations of the culture of this Autonomous Region, contributing to the construction of the identity of its people.

Proyecto Andalucia

The Andalusia Project is the most important and ambitious work on Andalusian culture published to date. The aim is to build up a compendium of works that provide an exhaustive and in-depth vision of one of Europe’s most exceptional regions.

Presente Perfecto

This collection is the latest addition to the catalog , and aims to bring together young and current titles on fashion, lifestyle, hobbies, cooking, etc. but always with a connection with Galicia.

Galicia para Soñar

A collection that takes us to Galicia through its landscapes, its oral literature and traditions , gastronomy … in one word, its essence. Books that combine spectacular photographs and rigorous texts by renowned authors and experts in each field.

Imperdibles de Hércules

Los Imperdibles de Hércules includes a selection of works of world literature, both as adaptations of classics and translations. This second collection opens with an adaptation of Fedro ‘s fable El león y el pastor and El gusano de seda y la araña, by Tomás de Iriarte, and the translations of Knock three times!, by Marion St. John Webb, and The Little Colonel by Annie Fellows Johnston.

The Big Work of the Ways to Santiago

No other work to date has provided such a global vision of the Way as the “route of routes” that it is, going deeply into all the aspects of this and, above all, dealing with all the routes. “The big work of the Ways to Santiago. Iter Stellarum” fills this gap.

Monasterios y Conventos de la Peninsula Ibérica


In the monumental landscape of the Iberian Peninsula, religious buildings are essential, an important element, both in rural and urban areas, and, among them, monasteries and convents occupy a privileged place.

Artistas Asturianos

The aim of the Artistas Asturianos Collection, the first stage of The Astur Project, is to promote the work of artists from the Principality of Asturias. It is the work of a team of leading specialists from the University of Oviedo and the rest of Spain.

Amistades de Hércules

This collection consists of some fictionalized biographies of writers, artists, sculptors, filmmakers, architects, musicians… with the purpose of bringing their dreams, their efforts and achievements closer to the young readers.

Nuevas Lecturas de Hércules

Illustrated books for Children and Young Adults, both in Galician and Spanish.

Preparados, listos, ... ¡Ya!


In this collection you can find books and picture books for children and young readers on current issues, always with a fun approach.


Each book in this collection is a tour of a city through illustrations designed to color