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Antártida. La vida en el límite. Las expediciones Bentart


Authors intend to immerse the reader on the knowledge of invertebrate fauna inhabiting sea bed of West Antarctica, the working area for Bentart project.

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COORDINATORS _ Óscar García Álvarez. Xunta de Galicia, Julio  Parapar Vegas. Universidade da Coruña, Ana Ramos Martos. Instituto Español de Oceanografía.Vigo

The work is divided in three parts. In the first one, the promoter and coordinator tells in first person the sometimes risky but always fascinating project story; next exploration story and first oceanographic studies in West Antarctica are set out, as well as the main geographical and climate features in the Southern Ocean. The second part describes the different methods used to get samples and study them on board, and it also provides a general view of the very hard work to be carried out by scientists one they have left the ship and immerse themselves in laboratory routine. Finally, the book tackles the difficult task of summarizing and showing the main taxonomic, faunal and ecological results of campaigns. After an introduction on general characteristics of benthic communities in Antarctica, the most noteworthy features on fauna, organized depending on the three main benthic divisions: endobenthos, epibenthos and suprabenthos, with a special reference to fish, the ictiofauna, are described.

The text is accompanied by many surprising photographies illustrating both the spectacular Antarctic landscapes and the diverse fauna inhabiting sea bed. It is completed with the documentary Antártida: La vida en el límite (Antarctica: Life at the limit), awarded in different science and nature documentary competitions. It shows the development of Bentart campaigns in the Austral Ocean.







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