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El mundo de Lovely Pepa. Descubre el lado más personal de la bloguera de moda


For over 4 years, Alexandra Pereira has been writing brief blog posts on the latest fashion trends,

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For over 4 years, Alexandra Pereira has been writing brief blog posts on the latest fashion trends, her look of the day, her trips, her professional commitments, in short, her vertiginous daily life, via her very successful blog Lovely Pepa.

Nonetheless, we were still lacking a deeper and more intimate insight into this internationally renowned blogger’s personal and family life.  Hence, the creation of El mundo de Lovely Pepa, wherein Alexandra takes a break from her hectic schedule to share her most intimate thoughts with us, and reveal completely new aspects of her life, in her usual approachable and complicit manner.

Not only does she share her personal secrets with us, but in this book, Alexandra also reveals her principles in relation to fashion, beauty, and diet.  And offers advice and tricks on how to always look immaculate and healthy.  In fact, Alexandra finally gets to answer, in detail and with the dedication they truly deserve, all of those questions that millions of her followers have been posing for ages, such as what the essential items in your wardrobe should be, how to create various completely different looks from one item, or even how to eat well, or deal with stress.

As could not be otherwise expected, the book also includes an extensive chapter that analyses the phenomenon of ‘fashion blogs’ from the author’s personal perspective.  Let us not forget that Lovely Pepa is one of the top 20 most followed blogs, and winner of the most influential blog, internationally, which was presented at this year’s New York Fashion Week.  Consequently, Alexandra also includes in the book, how Lovely Pepa started out, its keys to improvement, her collaboration with fashion houses, or about the work entailed for her followers to be able to relish a new post every morning.

From the tranquillity and reflection that allows the slow and leisurely development of a book, this young author provides us with the best of herself, letting us into her home (her wardrobe layout, her shoe collection, where and how she keeps her jewellery, how she packs for trips), and her heart (who she uses for inspiration, the music that comforts her, family recipes, her collaboration with NGOs).

If you already love her blog, this book will make you love Alexandra.  However, if you had not discovered either of them yet, you will be spellbound.


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