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La Casa Grande


Un día,

un hombre tuvo el sueño

de construir una Casa Grande,

sin puertas ni ventanas,

donde pudiesen vivir los hombres y las mujeres

de todas las lenguas, colores, razas, religiones y latitudes.


In La Casa Grande, João Manuel Ribeiro presents a “Manifesto of Citizenship”. It deals with plurisignificative topics, such as different languages, latitudes, cultures, colors and religious beliefs. The writer appeals to the small readers to share feelings such as love, truth and forgiveness. He invites them to participate in this challenge, which is the fight for the conquest of a universal language, new and common to all those who respect difference.

La Casa Grande is a metaphorical album where you can learn to be a great citizen who dreams without fear of aging and lives with intensity. The illustrations of Ricardo Rodrigues, in a particularly happy way, recreate the key moments of the text, as well as contemplate aspects that the verbal component does not include, enriching it.

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