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La historia de la filosofía —como nunca te la habían contado—


Narrar la historia de la filosofía es una tarea tan ardua como apasionante. Primero porque cada autor ha dejado su rúbrica personal al transmitir sus ideas. Y, segundo, porque el historiador añade un relato propio al devenir de las ideas filosóficas.

La mejor historia de la filosofía sería la suma de cada ensayo, carta, tratado, novela, poema, diálogo, confesión, utilizados por los autores para envolver sus ideas y compartirlas con el público. Pero, dado que esto no es posible, ¿por qué no escribir la historia de las ideas filosóficas con el estilo propio quien se afronta tal desafío?

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“Telling the history of philosophy is an arduous and exciting task. First, because each author has left his personal signature when transmitting his ideas. And, second, because the historian adds a story of his own to the evolution of philosophical ideas.
The best history of philosophy would be the sum of each essay, letter, treatise, novel, poem, dialogue, confession, used by the authors to wrap their ideas and share them with the public. But, since this is not possible, why not write the history of philosophical ideas with the style of one who faces such a challenge?
This has been my choice to tell in this very personal way, the life and miracles of this bunch of thinkers of all times. I would be satisfied if with this book I can contribute, even minimally, to a broader public approach to philosophy, because we are all a little philosophers and it is precisely the thought that makes us equal and makes us authentically human, … authentically free”.

Marcelino Agís

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