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Mi bebé estrella. Una historia de muerte perinatal

Luisa López Gutiérrez


«Lo siento, no hay latido».

Cinco palabras que cambiaron la vida de una familia que esperaba con amor la llegada de su hijo Miguel en la recta final de un embarazo feliz. Mi bebé estrella es un canto a la vida, contado a través de los ojos de Luisa, una mamá en duelo a la que la vida le ha arrebatado lo más preciado, su bebé.

Mi bebé estrella. Una historia de muerte perinatal

“Sorry, no heartbeat”.

Five words that changed the life of a family that waited with love for the arrival of their son Miguel in the final stretch of a happy pregnancy. Mi bebé estrella is a tribute to life, told through the eyes of Luisa, a grieving mother from whom life has taken the most precious thing from her, her baby.

This book provides a halo of hope, but it also alludes to the transformative power of grief, which comes most of the time when one least expects it.

The author combines her personal story with advice on that peculiar motherhood that she has had to live, and that will undoubtedly help other moms in the same situation.

Mi bebé estrella talks about self-improvement in times of grief, and it gives voice to so many moms and families who live with the anxiety and sadness of meeting and saying goodbye to their children at the same time.

Author: Luisa López Gutiérrez

Luisa López Gutiérrez has a degree in Information Sciences from the University of Santiago de Compostela and has specialized in business communication in recent years, advising numerous entities from her company Lelouise Comunicación. Currently, she collaborates as a radio talk show host and combines her work as a journalist with volunteering in different NGOs.

On January 24, 2019, her life turned upside down when she was told that her son Miguel had died before being born when she was 8 months pregnant. From there, Luisa’s life changes and her restless spirit focuses on investigating and disseminating perinatal death on her own blog, from where she connects with grieving mothers from all over the world. She defines what has happened in this time as “the greatest act of love that she could have ever imagined.” Her life staggered at that moment and she has decided to tell how she has faced the challenge of living her day-to-day life with enthusiasm and optimism.

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