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¿Será correcto?


The most fun and simple protocol guide for adults and children.

  • Do I have to get up when someone is introduced to me?
  • Can I rest my forearms on the table when I’m eating?
  • Can my father accompany me to a job interview?
  • What do I take as a gift if invited to eat at a house?All these questions and many more have their answer in “¿Será correcto?”; A fun and easy guide, easy to read and manage and that will surely help to get the reader.

    “¿Será correcto?” is intended for adults, parents, teachers … for lack of good manners is a matter of concern for the latter. But it is also child-oriented, as we are clear that it is better to learn good manners than small ones.

    “¿Será correcto?” It is not a typical book of protocol or content —do not expect to find here how we dress for the red carpet—, or its design, with casual illustrations that invite us to approach the world of good manners in a fun way.

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