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A Coruña. Nostalgia e Ilusión


Trough snapshots comparing the past and the present, this work shows that the city is a dynamic and continuously moving element, which has undergone a spectacular change these last years

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The work has more than 600 pages and it has been described in the prologue by Carlos Negreira himself as a “file of an undeniable historic value for the city”. The book has been made in honour of men and women from A Coruña, and also mayors from the democratic stage who have contributed to the development of our city. It is an attempt to discover A Coruña people from yesterday and today, A Coruña in memories and in the present, and specially, nostalgic A Coruña but with an exciting look towards the future.

Every corner in the city has been shown as it was and it is through the photographic file database of Xosé Castro: from Ponte Pasaxe to the Tower of Hércules, going through the Cantón Grande and Méndez Núñez, the Dársena (dock) and the windowed balconies (known as galerías in Spanish) of La Marina, Monte Alto, the Paseo Marítimo (promenade), Ciudad Jardín, Labañou and O Portiño, San Roque de Afora, the Mount of San Pedro, Os Rosales, Visma, the Park of Bens, As Conchiñas, the Ventorrillo, the Park of Santa Margarita, O Birloque, Mesoiro, Elviña, A Zapateira, Matogrande, Monelos, the Park of Oza, Cuatro Caminos, Alfonso Molina, As Xubias, Os Castros and San Diego, and the Europa Park, the inner and the outer ports, Alvedro Airport… not forgetting buildings and large yards already disappeared which will bring memories to the eldest readers’minds.

For the autor, one of the standards from the change lived by the city is the process of opening to the sea. Also outstanding are the surroundings of the Tower of Hércules and its sculptural heritage, and the gestures along time in order to make it more human with parks and leisure areas. Xosé Castro hopes this book will be useful to make people from Corunna aware of the effort that has been and is still carried out day after day to take care of the city.








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