PORTADA ARQUITECTURA scaled 1 - History of Galician architecture

José Ramón Soraluce Blond
Ramón Yzquierdo Perrín

History of galician architecture

expands and complements the content of the Galicia Project’s Art series.

Hércules de Ediciones, true to its tradition of publishing works on fundamental aspects of our culture, presents the Historia de la Arquitectura Gallega. Del Dolmen de Dombate dolmen a la Ciudad de la Cultura, which expands and complements the content of the Galicia Project Art series.

And, although studies on Galicia’s heritage have been published since the 19th century, to date there has been no history of its architecture. This is the gap that these two volumes come to fill.

This History of Galician Architecture intends that the successive periods that articulate it serve as an aid to scholars and arouse the interest of readers. Our work is based, in addition to the research and teaching experience itself, in numerous publications; although to facilitate reading, we have opted to omit specific citations and to offer a select and updated bibliography at the end of each volume.

The historical evolution imposes that approaching the periods and works is not uniform: sometimes they assume the leading role; others, the epigraphs require authorship and chronology, and the social or professional group contribute to their knowledge. A story of authors would be unfeasible since, frequently, several intervene, as evidenced by the constructive sequence. The transformations of the monuments reveal their life, the architectural and art evolution.

The successive artistic periods, the styles, are a useful historiographic conventionalism to assess the works and the constantly evolving creative sequence. There are no fractures, but a harmonious flow; in the projects elements and solutions are juxtaposed from one artistic moment to another, masters who modify them and, gradually, change when other artists intervene.

Sometimes there is an artistic gap with the general panorama, the result of the location of Galicia, especially in certain periods. In works of extensive construction successive stylistic contributions are locked. In the contemporary world, authors and examples are a moot challenge because of their dedicated choice, interpretation, and length.

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