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Letter from Francisco Rodríguez Iglesias

President of Hércules Global Group and of the Foundation that carries his name

In the late sixties, in the context of Galicia in which young people were forced into emigration for work and be independent, my great dream was to develop my career within the world of culture without leaving this country. After living in Madrid and in the Basque Country, in 1979 I got this goal: returning to Galicia with a position of some importance in a Spanish publisher.

Once in A Coruna and after the experience in the world of books, I reached a conclusion: Galicia needed a major project to gather all the most important of our culture and our identity, increasing self-esteem, ultimately, that made us feel proud of what we are: Gallegos. Its title: The Galicia Project.

But to realize this dream, it was necessary to create a publishing company, and thus was born Hercules de Ediciones. I wanted to create culture and so, seeing the need to Galicia had of books covering fundamental aspects of its reality, I decided that Hercules undertake this task, with invaluable and indispensable aid of the most qualified experts on each topic.

With the support of leading intellectuals, with the union of all co-workers, with the help of family, but especially with the ongoing encouragement of the Galician people, which resulted not only subscribing to the same fate in the push to incorporate new series that will complete the work, today I can say is I accomplished another goal: to collect in a book all the knowledge about Galicia and help her build one of the pillars of our identity.

It is indeed very encouraging that the great works constitute an essential service to society and so I wanted it to be limited exclusively to Galicia. With this idea born Hercules Astur de Ediciones, based in Oviedo, which addresses the same goals in the Principality of Asturias, Publicaciones Comunitarias, headquartered in Seville and with a similar purpose in all of Andalucia, which makes me profoundly happy to note satisfaction and the warmth with which we were received by all the Andalusians.

Each of these projects are part of my life are imbued with knowledge, total dedication and love. Under all these initiatives into reality were becoming full, it was necessary to build a house to give them shelter and thus was born the Hercules Building.

The intention is to be a permanent forum of culture, a worthy representative of civil society Galician, Spanish and universal. And the first result was Fundación Rodríguez Iglesias, which was born to carry out these ideas, whose statements reflect the creativity and love for the art of the greatest contemporary Galician artists, whom I will be forever grateful. Reaching this point is much more than you ever imagined, but I hope it is much less than what we are able to achieve.


enero 1, 1985

Creation of Hércules of Editions, headquartered in A Coruña, devoted to the distribution of books

enero 1, 1985
enero 1, 1991

Start of the publishing activity of Hércules de Ediciones, with the publication of the History series of The Galicia Project.

enero 1, 1991
enero 1, 1997

Foundation of Hércules Astur de Ediciones, based in Oviedo

enero 1, 1997
enero 1, 1997

Creation of Rodríguez Iglesias Foundation

enero 1, 1997
enero 1, 1999

Establishment of Publicaciones Comunitarias, based in Sevilla

enero 1, 1999
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Hércules de Ediciones

Hércules de Ediciones was born in 1985 as a personal effort of the current president of the Board of Directors, Francisco Rodriguez Iglesias, who tried to promote Galician culture from the publishing world. Therefore, he gathered a group of Galicians, coming from the publishing industry, who set out to provide Galicia with a thematic work that deepened in those questions that define our community.

Publicaciones Comunitarias

Publicaciones Comunitarias is the newest publishing house incorporated into the Grupo Hércules, of which it is a part since 1999. With headquarters in Seville, the promotion of Andalusian culture is its banner, by works intending to go deeply into the knowledge of this Community. The Andalusia Project is the crowning work, a publishing attempt without precedents to collect in an only work the whole knowledge on the region, tackling subjects such as History, Antropology, Art, Literature and Nature of this land.

Hércules Astur de Ediciones

Hércules Astur has become a publisher of reference in the Principality. Near fifty professors, artists and scholars have turned into reality the collection Artistas Asturianos, the most ambitious work never realised on the Art of this Community, the first step to the Project Astur, a titanic publishing bet which intends to collect the pillars of the culture of the Principality tackling its History, Art, Anthropology, Literature and Nature.

Fundación Rodríguez Iglesias

The name of Rodríguez Iglesias Foundation comes from the founder and present President of the Editorial Group. Created in the year 1997, it is provided with funds from the three publishing houses of the Group, which allocate a part of their profits to social activities. The Foundation activity is focused on the promotion of Arts and Culture, in all aspects.

Castelao Medal to the Galicia Project

medalla castelao - About us

Was conceded to Project Galicia in June of 2007 by the President of the Government of Galicia. The Castelao Medal distinguishes the work of galicians.

The Castelao Medal has to be an example of the work of those galicians that have to be guides for future generations that want to keep ennobling the reality of Galicia.


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