This series includes the study of all arts

From sculpture, painting and architecture, to sketches, engravings and gold and silver ware, which also play a noteworthy role in our art heritage

Likewise, it goes deeply into other aspects which make this artistic richness exceptional, such as the intellectual tendencies that gave it life, tastes of different periods or the meaning of each piece of work, making this collection a definitive reference in this field.

Proxecto Galicia Arte - Art

Volume IX
Arte Prehistórico y Romano

Volume X
Arte Medieval (I)

Volume XI
Arte Medieval (II)

Volume XII
Galicia en la Época del Renacimiento

Volume XIII
El Barroco (I) La Época. Los patrocinadores. Arquitectos del Siglo XVII

Volume XIV
El Barroco (II) Arquitectos del Siglo XVIII. Otras Actividades Artísticas

Volume XV
Arte Contemporáneo

Volume XVI
Arte Contemporáneo (I)

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