Five volumes about “Ecology”

Conservation and respect for environment and Galicia’s exceptional nature are the central theme of the studies included in The Galicia Project’s Ecology series.

In five volumes, issues such as sustainable development, biodiversity and the stability of our ecosystems are all addressed, together with references to environmental damage caused by factors such as oil slicks and climate change. In addition, this series takes a look at the technologies employed to resolve, or at least reduce, the impact of these aggressions on the environment.

Proxecto Galicia Ecoloxia - Ecology
Proyecto Galicia Ecologia 1 - Ecology
Proyecto Galicia Ecologia 2 - Ecology
Proyecto Galicia Ecologia 3 - Ecology
Proyecto Galicia Ecologia 4 - Ecology

volume XLIV
Introducción a la Ecología

volume XLV
Conservación I

volume XLVI
Conservación II

volume XLVII
Ciencia y Tecnología Ambientales I

volume XLVIII
Ciencia y Tecnología Ambientales II

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